Below is a list of software that I have written in my spare time that I thought may be of use to others. It's all free to use. Most include source code on CodePlex, this will also include the license details, but to summarise, you can use the code, update it, change it, as long as I get some credit somewhere.


I have a number of mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows currently released and in development. They are available here or from my software venture Please enjoy and share :)

Lost Little Spaceman

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Not your ordinary platform adventure. Little Spaceman is lost in space, trying to find his way home. Can you escape the mazes and get him home?

100 Platforms

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Simple to play, yet challenging to master. A great way to kill some time. Can you get to the top, avoiding baddies on your way? Yellow power pills will help.

Spikes Galore

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Beat your score with the addictive endless spike filled adventure

Dave Dangerous

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Join Dave in his quest to save his beautiful girlfriend Daphne from the clutches of Evil Steve!

Trex Runner

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Simple addictive running game, exactly how the Chromium developers made it !

Windows Applications

Collection of application to run on Windows. All applications have been written in c# using various different versions of Visual Studio over the years. Source code and the binaries are available from the details page of each application, just click the links below.

Database Lookup

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Database query tool built in c# using framework 4.0. Very small, lightweight database query tool. Can be useful when deploying .net applications when tools like Management Studio are not available.

Wake Remote Computer Service

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Windows service that monitors IP addresses of devices on your network. When one of the devices is powered up, it will then send a wake packet to a specified address.


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Simple command line application written in c#. This will continually ping a specified address of a device. When it gets a response it will then send a wake on LAN magic packet.

Home Automation

Collection of plug-ins and applications for my various Home Automation projects. Most of the application are to be used with HouseBot. If you're looking at automating your house, I would recommend you take a look at this great software here.

HouseBot plugin for LCDSmartie

Published on

Plugin for LCD Smartie to view device and task details from HouseBot home automation software.

HouseBot Screensaver

Published on

Windows screensaver that will display device property and mode status from HouseBot home automation software. plug-in for HouseBot

Published on

This plug-in will use the api and display in HouseBot automation software.

EventGhost Plugin for HouseBot

Published on

EventGhost plugin for HouseBot home automation software. My first attempt at some python! I wrote this to act as a bridge between HouseBot and EventGhost.

Windows Media Center plugin for HouseBot

Published on

Control HouseBot home automation software within Windows Media Center

Current Cost plug-in for HouseBot

Published on

This plug-in interfaces with the cc128 current cost module and display in HouseBot automation software. plug-in for HouseBot

Published on

This plug-in will parse the xml feed and display in HouseBot automation software.


Charity Auction Site

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ASP.NET auction site. Something I wrote back 2007 to auction off items for a number of charity events. Hopefully it can make more money, let me know :-)

Infrastructure Management

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ASP.NET Application built many years ago that can be used to list resources (Servers, Websites, etc) within an operations team.

SAM Coupe Page

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Collection of programs that I wrote back from 1994 for the SAM Coupe computer.