Database Lookup

Database query tool built in c# using framework 4.0. Very small, lightweight database query tool.


This application was originally built as a support tool to assist when deploying .net applications when tools like Management Studio are not available.

Some of the functions are listed below

  • Support for SQLConnection and OleDbConnecton. This is automatically selected depending if the 'provider' is set in the connectionstring.
  • Pre-populated connection strings if connectstring.txt is present and populated.
  • Full automatic logging of all statement executions.
  • Ability to only execute highlighted T-SQL.
  • Database list view for MS SQL Server databases.
  • Ability to generate SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE statements. available from list view right click menu.
  • Exception handeling to the query result window.
  • File export options from the query results window.
  • Sortable columns for the query results window.



Example of list view right click menu

Download from here


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