HouseBot Screensaver

This is a Windows Screensaver that will display device property and mode status from HouseBot home automation software.

Written in c# with .net framework 2.0.  Please note that this software also requires the External Control Device installed in HouseBot and the HBControlMod.dll to be registered on the screensaver pc. More information can be found within the HouseBot help files.

I use this screensaver as a 'smart' bedside remote. I have a USB 7" LCD monitor that runs a software remote, when left for 1 minute the screensaver starts that displays the property values in my system time and house events devices.


Settings page supports the following commands:

GetPropertyValue( DeviceName, PropertyName )
GetPropertyValue( DeviceName, PropertyName, LineNumber )
GetModeState( ModeName )

For support please use the comments below or post on the codeplex page.

Download from here


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