Back in 2009, it's original use was for my Linksys Media Center Extender.  This device did not support wake on LAN (WOL), but my media pc would sleep when not in use.  My solution was PINGWOL.  This would run constantly on my home automation server pinging the Linksys Extender.  If it got a response it would then send the magic wake packet to the media pc.  

I no longer use this software as I have moved away from Extenders and Windows Media Center.  I now use MediaPortal, however this software could still be useful elsewhere.

This was shared on the Green Button forums back in 2009,  unfortunately this was closed down by Microsoft a few years later.  So my support forum threads have gone.  If you need any assistance please use the comments section below,  forum on codeplex or contact me directly.

This was written in c# for .net Framework 2.0.

Source code and binary is available from the codeplex page here -


Type the following from the command prompt

PINGWOL [[/][/M:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx]] [/T:sec] [/W:min] [/U]

/ IP address of device to ping.
/M:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx MAC address of device to wake on successful ping.
/T:sec Time to wait between pings. [Default 3 secs]
/W:min Wait time after wake packet has been sent. [Default 20 min]

Prompt for IP and MAC address.

Download from here


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