Welcome to my little place on the web.

I'm a software developer and occasionally when time allows, I like to blog about my various coding project here. I also like to tinker with home automation, retro gaming and more.

I have also shared some of my software, which I hope may be of use to others. It's on my software page.

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New mobile games added to Software page

I have just added a number of new mobile games to my software page. These are games that I released last year under my app company nellyfish.com. Please check them out, they are free to play! More to come.


Switched comments to Disqus

You may have noticed that I disabled comments from my website a number of months ago due to the ridiculous amount of spam comments I was getting. This was even after intergrating reCapture a few years ago. It looks like the bots are now getting too clever for the 'Googles I'm not a robot' web tools!


So today, after some very overdue website maintenace and improvements, I have added comments back to all blog posts. Please check them out. I have also move away from my own backend php and mysql solution. Instead i'm just using Dis... read more

Lost Little Spaceman wins Amazon Appstore Developer Spotlight !

I'm thrilled to announce that Lost Little Spaceman has won Amazon's Appstore Developer Spotlight award. It will be featured in the Amazon Appstore from 11th December.


This is great news and will hopefully get the game some much needed publicity.

Check out all the Winners! m.amazonappservices.com/spotlight-winners

#nellyfish #gaming

Lost Little Spaceman full release now on Android and iOS

It's finally here, the full release of Lost Little Spaceman. Get it for free on Google Play or the App Store. Please consider leaving a review.

Just head over to lostlittlespaceman.com

#gaming #nellyfish

Lost Little Spaceman has an official trailer

I have created an official trailer for Lost Little Spaceman in readiness for promoting. Here it is...

For anyone interested, it was created in Lightworks 14.

#gaming #nellyfish

Checkpoints added to Lost Little Spaceman

Just rolled out another version of Lost Little Spaceman to the Google Play early access store. This is a minor update, but does include the much asked for checkpoint option. Look out for the small computers to save your progress.

This version includes the following

★ NEW checkpoints
★ NEW Russian language
★ NEW language select page
☆ Minor bug fixes and improvements

If there are any other languages you would like to be included, please let me know.

Download for FREE at ... read more

Lost Little Spaceman at final beta !

Just released the next version of Lost Little Spaceman to the Google Play early access store. This is a massive update that includes a new station 4 with another 81 rooms to navigate!

Thank you to everyone for sending feedback, the response has been phenomenal. Thanks to the 44 thousand testers, i'm truly humbled 😍👍

lls2.PNG lls1.PNG

lls3.PNG ... read more

Nearly there !!

Just a quick update this morning, as it's been a while! School holidays have been keeping me busy!

Anyway I have been busy fixing the last few bugs in lost little spaceman. Think I'm now just down to 4 bugs. Once these are ironed out it will be updated on Google play to the next beta. This will be the final version before it goes to final release. I may add Russian language before it goes to final release as I have had a lot of requests.


This new beta will have station 4, with another 81 rooms to navigate !

Look out for my next update... read more

Lost Little Spaceman now at beta 4

Just released beta 4 of Lost Little Spaceman. This release includes spanish language.

Thank you to everyone for sending feedback 👍👍 Just a small release, no new rooms/stations.

★ Added spanish language - please email me with corrections with the translations
☆ Improved timing on teleporters and lasers
☆ Fixed vortex force
☆ Fixed moving in corners with pad control
☆ Fixed bonus message at end
☆ Fixed pad control stuck
☆ Fixed black holes static ... read more

Lost Little Spaceman now at beta 3

Just released beta 3 of Lost Little Spaceman. This release includes another 49 rooms to escape from !


It's another big update. Thank you to everyone for sending feedback. This release would not be here without your support 👍👍

This release includes

★ Added station 3 map - 49 more rooms!
★ Added gravity in some rooms
★ Added spikes
★ Added dynamic tiles
★ Added zoom out maps
★ Added beep to buttons
★ More baddies
★ ... read more

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