Lost Little Spaceman at final beta !

Just released the next version of Lost Little Spaceman to the Google Play early access store. This is a massive update that includes a new station 4 with another 81 rooms to navigate!

Thank you to everyone for sending feedback, the response has been phenomenal. Thanks to the 44 thousand testers, i'm truly humbled 😍👍

lls2.PNG lls1.PNG

lls3.PNG lls4.PNG

This version includes the following

★ NEW station added (81 rooms!)
★ NEW fire balls
★ NEW graphics, including alien lair
★ NEW collectables
★ NEW aliens and AI movement
★ NEW End game sequence
☆ Improved sound effects and leveling
☆ Improved player control
☆ And many more smaller fixes and improvements

So what's next? I feel that this is the final version before it goes to full release (hopefully in a few weeks). But before that, I'm going to create an iOS Test Flight release. Please get in touch if you would be interested in testing the iOS version.

I am also planning to create a Russian language pack. If there are any other languages you would like to be included, please let me know.

I will also be working on a trailer video and a special ZX Spectrum release! More on this soon 😊👍

Download for FREE at lostlittlespaceman.com

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