Lost Little Spaceman now at beta 3

Just released beta 3 of Lost Little Spaceman.  This release includes another 49 rooms to escape from !


It's another big update. Thank you to everyone for sending feedback. This release would not be here without your support 👍👍

This release includes

★ Added station 3 map - 49 more rooms!
★ Added gravity in some rooms
★ Added spikes
★ Added dynamic tiles
★ Added zoom out maps
★ Added beep to buttons
★ More baddies
★ More collectables
☆ Life rewards 100 points
☆ Speeded up story screen
☆ Slow down lasers
☆ Disable control on room switch
☆ Added cross from speech bubble
☆ Improvements to player movement
☆ Fix to laser timings
☆ Other performance and bug fixes

There is still a lot more planned for the next release.

I'll keep you posted here. Bye for now.

#nellyfish #gaming


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