Welcome to my little place on the web.

I'm a software developer by day, but occasionally when time allows, I like to tinker with home automation, home theatre and retro gaming (basically anything geeky that involves a computer).

When I get time I'll try and blog about these projects here. I have also shared some of my software, which I hope may be of use to others. It's on my software page.

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Dave Dangerous Google Play and iOS update.

Just rolled out a very large update to Dave Dangerous. This update has been very overdue and bring it up to the latest verson of libGDX. Thank you to all the testers, we finally got there!


This version includes the following improvements:

System improvements
★ Update to LibGDX 1.10 and supporting libraries
★ Aspect ratio mapping
☆ Updated Google Ads
☆ Mute ads when game is muted
☆ Removed in-app purchases
☆ Additional scoring on blocks... read more

Spikes Galore is back in Google Play!

Good news! Spikes Galore is now back in Google Play. It has also had a few improvements. Coins are easier to collect, and the coins allow you to buy even more in-game. It has also been updating on iOS and will be in the Amazon Appstore soon.


Give it a go for FREE at nellyfish.com/spikesgalore

#gaming #android #ios #nellyfish

Google gave me 30 days to update my app then SUSPENDED it after just 4 days!

I hope others will find this article useful. It’s really not a rant, I’m passed that now, and I’m no longer expecting to hear from Google, as now, after months of trying to contact them, I have sadly concluded they don’t care.

This article is just a warning to fellow developers to be very careful with third-party SDKs and with Google constantly changing... read more

Really useful stock checker script for Amazon sellers

I'm a small seller on Amazon Handmade and got caught out a number of times with my items going out of stock and not realising. If my items where fulfilled by Amazon then there is a handy alert to warn you when stock gets low. But as I made my items to order I have to fulfil them myself, but there is no way to alert me via the seller account.

To fix this I have created a small VBScript that I run manually. You will just need to save the code below into a text file with a vb extension to execute. Sorry, Windows only. You will also need to update the CheckAmazonStock... read more

New marquee and surround artwork

I thought it was time to update the cabinet artwork and finally add some instructions on how the game select buttons works. So photo below is the new design, what do you think? Can’t beat classic Street Fighter 2!

It was printed on A4 photo paper, cut with a craft knife then stuck together with sticky tape.

... read more

Update Arcade Machine to use a USB Joystick Encoder

I recently switched the hardware within my arcade machine from a x86 PC to a Raspberry Pi 3. The reason for this was that I was getting fed up with the maintenance required for a Windows PC.

I’m pleased that I did, as I can now just download a new pre-configured Raspberry Pi image and I’m pretty much done! The only issue I had was getting the IPAC interface to work. It kinda worked but struggled with mapping some of the ... read more

Review of the Q8 Smart Watch

Looking for a smart watch with features like Bluetooth and a heart monitor, but don't want to pay a fortune? Then, this watch at £29.99 might be what you're after. I wanted to get an Android or iOS watch but could not really justify the high cost. Especially as I didn't really know if I would actually use a smartwatch or it would just end up in a junk draw.

This watch has a sleek big round display. The square LED colour screen is 2 cm wide, but it i... read more

Source code for Lost Little Spaceman on the ZX Spectrum

In case you missed my last post. Lost Little Spaceman is now available for the ZX Spectrum.

I had mentioned previously that I will be publishing the source code and a bit of information on how the game was created. So below is my code and the sna. Please feel free to re-use, all I ask is that I am credited somewhere like the title screen.


The archive includes a folder called source, this is all the text with add... read more

Lost Little Spaceman is now available for the ZX Spectrum

I have an exciting announcement! Lost Little Spaceman is now available for the ZX Spectrum. Yes that's right the mobile game has been ported to this great little 80s machine.


Please check it out. It's free to download from lostlittlespaceman.com and Spectrum Computing

Also, visit http://digitalgeek.me for source code and details on how the game was created with t... read more

Composite mod for ZX Spectrum 48k

I have been recently reliving my youth and have bought an old ZX Spectrum, one of my first computers! The main reason I picked this up was to test my latest game! Yes that's right it's for the ZX Spectrum! Why? Well, why not? It's actually a port of Lost Little Spaceman and should be ready for release soon.

Before I could test the game on the real spectrum, I was strugging with the RF out, as it needed an analogue tuner. So I fixed it with a simple mod that isolates the RF Module and wires the composite video signal directly to the socket. I though this may be of use to others, so here are my steps to complete this:... read more

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