Dave Dangerous Google Play and iOS update

Just rolled out a very large update to Dave Dangerous. This update has been very overdue and bring it up to the latest verson of libGDX. Thank you to all the testers, we finally got there!


This version includes the following improvements:

System improvements
★ Update to LibGDX 1.10 and supporting libraries
★ Aspect ratio mapping
☆ Updated Google Ads
☆ Mute ads when game is muted
☆ Removed in-app purchases
☆ Additional scoring on blocks and collectables
☆ Improved touch controls
☆ Added hidden bonus level

Game Improvements
★ Delta timings of game objects
☆ Added Menu UI icon
☆ Scaling of menu bar
☆ Parallax scrolling background
☆ Updated score bonus effect
☆ Updated transition effects
☆ Updated level start and end UIs
☆ Reduced time beeps
☆ Added text to some collectables
☆ Added scoring on break blocks and collectables
☆ Moved touch controls away from status bar to stop response issues
☆ Many small map corrections/improvements

Enemy Improvement
★ Improved AI
☆ Move away when attacked
☆ Baddies bounce when hit
☆ Updated animation
☆ Added hit animations to bosses
☆ Slow down bullets
☆ Fixed bullets not moving with background
☆ Added score floats
☆ Update scores

Dave Improvements
☆ Allow move further left
☆ Added gamepad up for jump
☆ Added gamepad up for kick
☆ Increased invincibility on hit
☆ Added flashing effect on hit

Title Screen Improvements
★ Added option's menu☆ Added transparency to DaveDangerous title
★ Gamepad control of all menus
☆ Added ad preference page

Download for FREE at davedangerous.com

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