Welcome to my little place on the web.

I'm a software developer and occasionally when time allows, I like to blog about my various coding project here. I also like to tinker with home automation, retro gaming and more.

I have also shared some of my software, which I hope may be of use to others. It's on my software page.

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Composite mod for ZX Spectrum 48k

I have been recently reliving my youth and have bought an old ZX Spectrum, one of my first computers! The main reason I picked this up was to test my latest game! Yes that's right it's for the ZX Spectrum! Why? Well, why not? It's actually a port of Lost Little Spaceman and should be ready for release soon.

Before I could test the game on the real spectrum, I was strugging with the RF out, as it needed an analogue tuner. So I fixed it with a simple mod that isolates the RF Module and wires the composite video signal directly to the socket. I though this may be of use to others, so here are my steps to complete this:... read more