Welcome to my little place on the web.

I'm a software developer and occasionally when time allows, I like to blog about my various coding project here. I also like to tinker with home automation, retro gaming and more.

I have also shared some of my software, which I hope may be of use to others. It's on my software page.

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Lost Little Spaceman is on the Google Play Early Access page

My latest game Lost Little Spaceman has been successfully accepted into the Early Access collection on Google Play!


I'm now getting hundreds of download a day with great feedback! Over 70 comments so far!!

If you have the time, please check the game out at lostlittlespaceman.com

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Can't believe I did it!

Well after 35 years of never touching anything Apple, I have finally got a Mac. Getting seriously into mobile development, it has made me realise that for iOS apps I'm really going to need a Mac. I started going down the route of VMWare on my Windows box, but finally decided to bite the bullet and get a Mac.

So... here it is, a bottom of the range i5 Mac Mini. So far I have installed Xcode. Still lots to learn as the whole thing is so alien to me!


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First mobile app Profit Accumulator in the Play Store!

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote a post. Most of my evenings have been busy with a website a friend told me about called Profit Accumulator. It's a great a site, with lots of videos that explain how to do matched betting. This is not gambling. It's a system where you place bets on all outcomes, so you can't lose. You then do the same with the free bet and pocket the money! It's all legal and completely tax free! I have been doing it for over a month, following the member offers, and made over £1,000. If you're in the UK, I would recommend you sign-up for the free membership and make an easy &poun... read more