Trex Runner RIP

I just removed Trex Runner from the Google Play store and sadly don’t plan to reinstate it.

Trex Runner

This is because of a number of policy violations, incorrectly raised against the app.  The reason is that the store listing mentions the open source Chromium project, and there is a policy that states you cannot use brand names, However I need to mention this to declare it uses the open source code from this project.

I would then need to go through the procedure of getting it reinstated.  I have done a number of times and the appeal always goes in my favour, but I don’t really want the hassle of this again. It does also concern me what this does to my developer account, so I have made the decision to just remove the app completely.

It’s a shame as it almost got to half a million downloads, but then it’s not anything original. It was a very early app I made to learn Java and Android Studio. You can still get the app from the Software page and there is also a link to the code base.

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