Source code for Lost Little Spaceman on the ZX Spectrum

In case you missed my last post.  Lost Little Spaceman is now available for the ZX Spectrum. 

I had mentioned previously that I will be publishing the source code and a bit of information on how the game was created.  So below is my code and the sna. Please feel free to re-use, all I ask is that I am credited somewhere like the title screen. 


The archive includes a folder called source, this is all the text with added comments from the script editor.  Some of the code is pretty long, especially the player 0 code.  This is due to the unusual player movement, it took a LOT of code to get it right.  If you have any questions, then please feel free to put some comments below and i'll get back to you.  The zip also includes the music composed in beepola (see MrTravisHighrise videos mentioned below on how to import this). But most importantly, the sna file is the game loaded into AGDx to play about with.  I hope sharing this helps other to create some games for the speccy!

The game was originally built using the original version of Arcade Game Designer written by Jonathan Cauldwell, more details can be found at  I then transfered the game in to AGDx, which is an enhanced version of Arcade Game Designer. This version is managed by Allan Turvey and AGDLabs. More details can be found at

Arcade Game Designer and AGDx are available free of charge. Please support the developers by purchasing their games on the sites above.

If you do plan to build your own game in AGD I highly recommend the video guides from Paul Jenkinson (The Spectrum Show) that are available at  Then there are some brilliant more advanced videos by Allan Turvey at  Without Paul Jenkinsons videos and Allan Turvey support on the AGDx facebook forums then I would have never got this game completed.  So a massive thank you to them!

Finally, if you just want to play the game then it's available at

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