Review of the Q8 Smart Watch

Looking for a smart watch with features like Bluetooth and a heart monitor, but don't want to pay a fortune?  Then, this watch at £29.99 might be what you're after. I wanted to get an Android or iOS watch but could not really justify the high cost.  Especially as I didn't really know if I would actually use a smartwatch or it would just end up in a junk draw.

This watch has a sleek big round display.  The square LED colour screen is 2 cm wide, but it is cleverly enclosed within the round display, giving the illusion of a round traditional watch face.  Unfortunately the display can be a little dim in direct sunlight. But overall it does give a sleek and modern look, that would normally have a much higher price tag.

The Q8 has a lot of features that are mostly geared towards health and fitness, it has fitness sensors such as heart rate monitor as well as a calorie counter and a step counter.  The heat rate monitor does seem to be accurate, going up and down depending on my activity, however I’m a little dubious on the results as you can see from the photo above, I can also get a heart reading from a potato!  

It will also monitor your sleep with the help of the mobile app, and has the usual alarm clock and stop watch features.  It can also show notifications and allow you to answer your phone and look at messages, if paired with your mobile phone.  

So overall, I would recommend this for somebody that does not have a smartwatch and is curious to get on with one, but don’t want to pay the high price tag.  But, just bear in mind that it is a budget watch and is lacking in a number of areas. Personally, I like the basic features, sleek look and has a relatively good battery life.

You can pick one up on Amazon here



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