Kitchen touch screen almost there

Ever since we fitted the new kitchen I had planned to fit a touch screen that would run a software remote to control lights, heating, etc.  Over a year ago I picked up a Acer Iconia W500 tablet from ebay.  This has been upgraded to Windows 8.1 and runs the HouseBot software remote, plus many other touch friendly apps that I think will be useful in the kitchen.  

The tablet has been sitting under my desk as one of the many to-do project.  The plan is to flush mount it in my boiler cupboard door.  Before I could do this, I needed to get a custom bezel cut to fit around the hole, that also needs to be cut.  Over Christmas I finally got the measurements and design over to and they have sent me the bezel in 1.5mm brushed steel.


Here's a photo of the bezel sitting on the Acer tablet.  Next step is to cut the hole in the kitchen cupboard and fit the tablet and bezel.  I'm a little worried! I'll post again once it's in !

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