HTML5 site refresh

Now that I have restyled the site for mobiles. It has made me reassess my html. I really should be using html5.


So the last few evenings I have been replacing many of my divs with the new header, nav, article, time, etc. There is a great article here -

Don't expect anything to change. Most of the new tags are for accessibility, so that screen readers can manage the site better.

These changes do bring some backward compatibility issues with ie8.  Older browsers do not know what to do with the new elements.  This can be fixed by using some javascript known as the html5 enabling script.  This will allow the new html5 elements to be styled.  The script is available here -

With this added hopefully any IE 8 viewers can view this page, but I do ask, why are you still using IE 8 ?

Lastly I have used a reset stylesheet.  This sets all the styles to a default set that should help with consistency across browsers.  This is available here -

Please feel free to view the source of this site, as everything above will be in place.  Any comments please use the box below.



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