Hello and welcome to my first post!

This site will be a bit of a ‘work in progress’. Coming from a .net background, I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn something outside my comfort zone of asp.net and T-SQL.  So with this in mind, this site has been developed from scratch using PHP and MySQL. 

So far, this has gone fairly smoothly.  It feels very similar to how I used to develop in classic asp many years ago.  Although frustrating at times, it’s nice having the full control over the code for a simple site like this.  I find when I build larger web applications in ASP.net the IDE takes over some of the granular details that I like to be in control of.  You can call me a control freak, but it’s nice going back to basics sometimes.

Probably evident in the basic design and limited functionality, I’m still learning.  I will slowly be adding new functionality to the site.  I might even blog about this here.  Please feel free to contact me with any feedback. 

With feedback in mind, I guess my first enhancement should be a comments section at the bottom of each weblog.  Let’s see!



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