Dave Dangerous hits the Google Play Store

My first full featured game is now in the Google play store.  Join Dave in his quest to save his beautiful girlfriend, Daphne, from the clutches of Evil Steve! Fight through 40 levels of nostalgic platform mayhem.  It's free and it's available on Android. Click the image below to be directed to the Google play store.  


Well, for something that was originally going to be a small learning opportunity for me to do a little Java and Android development, it has become a massive project.  I just couldn't leave it to a few levels, and the more I progressed, the more functionality I wanted to add.   I can happily say it's finally complete, at over a staggering 20,000 lines of code.  I feel I have got my head around Java! In fact, it has been a very pleasurable experience using the language. Coming from a C# background, their are a LOT of similarities.  

If you have been following my blog, you will know that the game is based on a robot platform game tutorial on the KiloBolt.com website. If you are interested in game development I would recommend that you have a look. It was a great place to start. Although, I do feel that I did not made it easy on myself, as this game has been developed from scratch, not using any game frameworks. You create your own. This was intentional, as a leaning experience. I will, however, use a game framework next time (possibly libGDX). This, I hope will allow me to easily support multiple platforms and take advantage of rendering through openGL.  In fact, this is probably my biggest gripe with the current game, as it uses SurfaceView. This does not support hardware rendering, so the game could struggle on low end devices.

The game is a lot different from the original robot game tutorial, as I have added a LOT of additional functionality.  From end of level bosses to AdMob integration. If there is anything that you would like me to cover, please mention it in the comments.

As mentioned at the top, it's available in the Google play store. Please give it a go!


I would be interested in feedback,  good or bad!  

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