100 Platforms on Fire and more !

Well when I say Fire, I mean Amazon Fire. It's finally in the Amazon app store.  Get it from nellyfish.com/100platforms


Just a quick entry today, just really want to update you on a few things going on. I know it's been ages since my last entry. It's been a very hectic few months working on a new online shop called newfangledthings.co.uk. Selling various unusual gifts, check it out.

Anyway back to the gaming stuff. I have released a quick maintenance update to 100 Platforms, this will allow you to retry much quicker. This update has been uploaded to Google Play, App Store and the Amazon store, please check it out.

Finally Lost Little Spaceman, I'm back working on this now. I'll cover some of this in my next post, hopefully later today.

Bye for now

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