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The Sam Coupé is a computer very close to my heart, I purchased my Sam Coupe in 1990 from an advert in Crash magazine, I previously owned a Spectrum. When I got the Sam I learned how to program in Basic and from there my interest in computing grew.

I used the computer for a relatively short time, this was probably because there was not really much software around for it and this became less, which was such I great shame as it was a computer that was capable of so much - that never got the chance :(

The amazing thing was it was an 8bit computer that challenged the 16bit computers of the day like the ST and Amiga. Maybe it just arrived too late! I don't know.

In 1994 I got a PC and put the my beloved Sam in the loft! That's where it stayed until a few years about, when by accident I came across the user group and found that the computer is still kept alive. Cool! So I dug my Sam out of the loft and plugged it into my old MicroVitec Cub Monitor, wiped the dust off - and switched it own. Brilliant! The memories just flooded back of programming late into the night, having to go to school in the morning.
I looked at all my old programs that I spent days upon days on.

This was simply a great computer that had just so much character, I'm pleased its life goes on.

From my archives I have uploaded some of my own programs, for anyone to look at if they are at all interested, some of the stuff is incomplete. Some of my work was also published on Sam Suppliment Issue 30. Please forgive me for some of the programs because they are quite simply terrible - but I was only thirteen and that's my excuse!!!

Anyone new to emulation, you will need to install a Sam Coupe emulator to run these disk images I recommend the 'Sim Coupe Emulator' an amazing bit of software found at

Thanks for reading and Enjoy!

My Disk Images

Allan Stevens - Capricorn Software Disk
Allan Stevens - Capricorn Software Disk
Allan Stevens - Capricorn Software Disk 3 (1994) (unfinished).zip
Allan Stevens - 50 Programs to Play and
Allan Stevens - Colour
Allan Stevens - Home Utilitys - Seven Pack (1994).zip
Allan Stevens - Home Utilitys (1994).zip
Allan Stevens - Learn With Timmy Under 6s (1994).zip
Allan Stevens - Learning
Allan Stevens - Spectrum
Allan Stevens - World Finder (1994) (unfinished).zip

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