New website

Now that I have a few games in the Google play store, I thought it was about time that I created a website.  Why the name nellyfish?  Well, I was struggling to think of a simple, easy to remember name. At the time, my daughter kept drawing what looked like a jellyfish, so it stuck.  Unfortunatly, was unavailable, so it became


The website is a simple one page affair.  I used html5 and jquery to give a simple transition effect when the mouse moves over the images. It could take a few seconds to load the images on low bandwidth devices, for this reason it displays a loading spinner.  It is 100% css. Check out Kilian Valkhof site here for more details.

As soon as I build more games, I will spend a bit more time improving the site.  I may even make it possible to play some games via the web.  Let’s see!

Go and take a look at


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