Arcade build - Painting and wiring

The monitor arrived and I'm pleased to say it fitted perfectly. Next step was to paint the cabinet before fitting buttons etc. 

For painting, I used a wood primer then a black gloss, applied with a mini gloss roller.  I am fairly pleased with the result.  However the paint was a single coat gloss, so went on a little thick.  I think a liquid gloss may have given a smoother result.  But still, I'm pleased with the outcome.


Keeping my costs down,  I had an old arcade joystick that I made many years ago.  This allowed my to reuse the buttons and an IPAC board. Picture above shows the machine all wired up with an old Atom pc.  Next I will need to get the software loaded.  I am planning on using the great Hyperspin frontend, and of course MAME emulator and I'm sure a few others.  

I will also need to order a marquee and bezel.  This will probably be some perspex.   I'll post again once it's progressed a bit.

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