Arcade build - Games!

I have finally ordered the Perspex bezel and marquee for the arcade machine.  So while I wait for them to arrive, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the software that I am using for my arcade machine.

My original plan was to use the fantastic HyperSpin frontend.  If you have not heard of it, I would highly recommend you check it out here -

I have spent a fair bit of time downloading and configuring this frontend for MAME and various old game consoles.  It has been running really quite well on my main computer.  However when I copied the files across to my old single core Atom pc, that was going to power my arcade machine, it ran pretty poorly.  It was just not powerful enough.  I was starting to think I should get a new pc, but I'm really trying to keep my costs down.


After a little research I have settled on using Game Launcher instead.  This is very small and basic, but at the same time very nice looking and is easy to use.  Check it out here -

I am also using an old version of MAME.  This is again due to the old Atom pc that I am using.  From 107 they released a new video engine. It's better, but requires a more powerful cpu and graphics card.  For this reason I'm using version 106 with an regressed rom set.  It runs all the 80s and early 90s games I want to play (that's when I was in the arcades as a kid) I'm happy :)

If you have not heard of MAME then check this link out -

I'll post some pictures with the bezel and marquee's fitted.  Once that's done, it's just the base to finish.

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