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Kitchen touch screen fitted

It's been a few months since my post about the custom bezel arriving in the post.  Today it's finally all fitted.  Another project done!! Pictures below.


I'm very pleased with the outcome, and very relieved I didn't cut the wrong size hole and have to re-buy the cupboard door! Over the next few weeks I will be finalising the software and getting my HouseBot software remote to fit the new larger screen resolution. Below are some more photo's taken while cutting and fitting.




View from back after jigsaw cut and bezel stuck with No Nails glue.  Also have a black sponge round edge to stop any scratches on the screen.


View from front, say hello to Gemma :)


Metal bracket constructed to be fitted on back to hold Acer tablet in place.  Galvanised brackets were purchased from Tool Station.


View from back with tablet and bracket fitted.


Final view from the front.

If anyone is interested in doing something similar with an Acer Iconia W500 tablet plans for the bezel are here.

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